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How it works

1. Booking your FREE night away is easy. Simply:

Enter your unique booking reference (found on the hotel email / voucher that we sent you), and browse all of the available hotels on this website.
There are lots of hotels to choose from, so you may want to filter your search to a particular region or post code area. The search filter will let you do this.

2. Choose your favourite 3 hotels.

When you have browsed all of the available hotels, and selected your favourite three, you'll need to submit your hotel request via the online booking form within
14 and 45 days of your intended stay and by the expiry date given on the voucher we sent you.

Whilst we will always want to book your first choice hotel, there may be instances where this isn't available. For this reason, we ask that you select your top 3 hotel choices. Each time you click on a hotel, you will notice a SELECT THIS HOTEL button. You will simply need to click this button each time you want to include a hotel in your top 3 choices. The selected hotels will appear in the 'shopping basket' in the bottom left hand corner of each page as a reminder.

3. Proceed to the Online Booking Form.

Once you have selected your 3 favourite hotels you will notice that a PROCEED TO BOOKING button will appear under your hotel 'shopping basket' (please note you can only proceed to the Online Booking Form when you have selected 3 hotels). Then click on the PROCEED TO BOOKING button and fill out the required data fields.

4. Click SUBMIT!

Once you have completed the Online Booking Form in full you can simply click SUBMIT. Our Booking team will then make contact with your chosen hotels (starting with your 1st choice hotel) to check availability. Our Booking team will then contact you to confirm your stay.