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 Can I select any hotel in the listings?
Yes, as long as it is featured on this website the choice of hotel is up to you.

Do I have to purchase additional food or drink?
No, the deal is on a room only basis so you aren't forced into making any additional purchases.

Does my free one night hotel break include any extras?
No, any additions including travel to the hotel, insurance or additional nights must be paid for in full.

Is it possible to upgrade my room?
Yes, the majority of hotels offer this service although it will incur additional charges. If you are interested in upgrading your room please speak to the Booking Team at time of booking.

Can I cancel my booking once I have completed the booking process?
Once a booking has been made no amendments are possible. If you wish to cancel your hotel booking you will not be able to book a replacement stay using the same hotel voucher. If you've booked for any additional nights you will be charged in full. Your voucher will also become void.

When do I need to book my hotel stay by?
You have up to 12 months to take your hotel stay. All we ask is that you submit your booking request via this website within 14 and 45 days of your preferred date of stay. This ensures that we can look at the best availability for your chosen hotel.

Can I contact the hotel and book directly with them?
You have to book your free night through this website. Any other means of booking cannot be honoured.